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Raggedy Ann, primitive, country doll and black doll sewing cloth doll digital download patterns by Chestnut Junction.
View all acorn epattern acorn pattern adorable America americana americana doll americana epattern americana pattern andy andy doll andy epattern andy pattern andy softie angel angel bowl filler angel doll angel epattern angel ornie angel pattern angel softie animal Ann Annie annie doll art attic basket basket epattern basket pattern bird bird bowl filler bird epattern bird ornie bird pattern black black angel black angel doll black doll black doll epattern black doll pattern bowl filler bowl filler epattern bowl filler pattern calico Chestnut chestnut junction chic christmas doll christmas epattern christmas pattern circus cloth colonial doll cottage country country annie country crafts country doll Craft craft epattern craft pattern crafts crafts pattern crow crow bowl filler crow doll crow epattern crow ornament crow ornie crow pattern cute cute annie decor design doll doll epattern doll pattern doll pdf door hanger epattern door hanger pattern e-pattern early elephant embroidery epattern farmhouse farmhouse epattern farmhouse pattern flag folk folkart bird food pattern frog doll frog epattern frog ornament frog ornie ginger bread ginger bread epattern ginger bread pattern gingerbread gingerbread epattern gingerbread pattern hand made raggedy handmade heart heart epattern heart pattern Holiday holiday doll july july 4 Junction lady bug lady liberty lady liberty epattern lady liberty pattern lady libery ladybug ladybug epattern ladybug pattern liberty liberty epattern liberty pattern old old doll ornie ornie epattern ornie pattern patriotic patriotic epattern patriotic pattern pattern pig doll pig epattern pig pattern pig pdf Pink plush prairie doll pretty prim primitive primitive americana primitive andy primitive angel primitive annie primitive basket primitive bird primitive black primitive black angel primitive black doll primitive bowl filler primitive christmas primitive crafting primitive crafts primitive doll primitive doll pattern primitive epattern primitive heart primitive hearts primitive lady primitive liberty primitive ornie primitive patriotic primitive pattern primitive pig primitive piggy primitive rag doll primitive ragdoll primitive raggedy primitive raggedy ann primitive sam primitive sewing primitive spring primitive star primitive summer primitive usa primitive valentine rag doll ragdoll raggedy raggedy ann raggedy doll raggedy epattern raggedy pattern reproduction sam sam doll sam epattern sam pattern sew sewing sewing epattern sewing pattern shabby shabby chic shabby chic pig sitter soft spring spring epattern spring pattern star star ornie star pattern start summer summer doll summer epattern summer pattern Sweet toy uncle uncle sam uncle same usa usa epattern usa pattern valentine valentine bowl filler valentine doll valentine epattern valentine ornie valentine pattern vintage vintage pattern vintage pig whimsy wool yarn